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At Joli Salon and Spa we will surround ourselves with positivity as individuals and as a team. We will make our guests feel radiant, not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

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At Joli Salon and Spa we will surround ourselves with positivity as individuals and as a team. We will make our guests feel radiant, not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

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Public service is an integral part of a Stanford education. Through Cardinal Service, students can pursue one ofnearly500 full-time,quarter-long service opportunities, and more than 150 community-engaged learningcourses across more than 40 departments and programs. Now, students who complete a Cardinal Quarter or 12+ units of Cardinal Courses are eligible to have these commitments reflected on their academic transcript with the Cardinal Service Notation.

Since our founding, students at Stanford have made significant public service commitments – commitments that have enriched their academic pursuits and provided opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to pressing social and environmental challenges. With the Cardinal Service Notation, Stanford can begin to formally recognize these commitments as part of students’ academic experience.

The Haas Center for Public Service invites all students who meet the eligibility requirements below to apply for the Cardinal Service Notation. Applications are accepted twice per year, in Autumn and Spring quarters.

Students who complete the requirements for both the Cardinal Quarter and the Cardinal Courses need only apply under one of the categories. We encourage you to choose the experience that most influenced your overall education and experience here at Stanford, and share with us why in your academic integration statement.

Application deadline for Spring 2018 is April 27, 2018 at 11:59pm.

Application deadline

Students are eligible for the Cardinal Service Notation after completing one of the following:

Students should satisfy their eligibility before applying. For example, a student completing a Cardinal Quarter in the autumn should wait to apply until the spring. Similarly, a student enrolled in a Cardinal Course in the spring should apply the following autumn.

To apply for the notation, students should complete the application . In the application students will be asked tosubmit a current unofficial transcript, as well as an academic integration statement (minimum 2000 words) responding to the following prompt:

Please describe your Cardinal Service experience, and discuss how this experience:

For more information, please contact nike free womens 40 sale
, Program Manager.

Minimiser les dégâts

Les frères Goyette Champlain, Québec

La boutique en ligne sera fermée du 18 décembre au 7 janvier inclusivement.

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Placement in a Chinese language class follows the AMES department placement policy .

To maximize your learning opportunities and enjoy yourself in a learning community that is conducive to everyone in your class, students who are interested in taking a Chinese language course at Dukehave to follow the procedures below for placement.

If you have further questions regarding the courses below 100-level, please consult with Professor Tianshu He, the Coordinator of First Year Chinese, at [email protected] . If you have questions about the Chinese language curriculum, Duke Study in China program, or further questions regarding the courses above 100-level, please consult the Director of the Chinese Program Professor Carolyn Lee at [email protected] .

The self-placement guidelines below are divided into two sections: “Placement Guidelines for Regular-Track Curriculum” and “Placement Guidelines for Alternative-Track Curriculum.” Students who receives a score of 4/5 on the AP Chinese exam will automatically pass nike og free runner movie
(Intermediate Chinese) and be eligible to take a Chinese course at CHINESE 305 (Advanced Intermediate Chinese) or above. Students who speak a Chinese dialect at home but barely understand Mandarin Chinese may take nike blazer black rose gold
(First-Year Chinese I) in the regular-track curriculum. Please note that students who lived in a Chinese speaking country such as China, Singapore or Taiwan into their teenage years and received schooling higher than the elementary level in any Chinese speaking country are considered to be native speakers. The student who finished secondary school is only eligible for courses at or above nike roshe grey wolf flyknit roshe
(Modern Chinese Culture: Narratives of Home and Abroad) to fulfill language requirements.

Enroll in CHINESE 101 (First-Year Chinese I):

Enroll in CHINESE 102 (First-Year Chinese II):

Enroll in CHINESE 203 (Intermediate Chinese):

Enroll in CHINESE 204 (Intermediate Chinese):

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(Advanced Intermediate Chinese):

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